Our fleet

We run a modern fleet of around 50 vehicles including Scania, Volvo, M.A.N., Mercedes, Renault and DAF.


Current trailer breakdown

We operate approximately 80 trailers which can be configured for a variety of loads.

52 Flat trailers Timber and general purpose
7 Timber crane trailers Timber
6 Lorry and trailer crane outfits Timber - all fitted with central tyre inflation
1 Low ground pressure in-forest 8x8 with tri-axle drawbar trailer Timber
1 Curtainside trailer General purpose
11 Tankers 7x fish and 4x waste tanks
3 Cattle floats 2x four deckers, 1x three decker


Forestry work

Round timber haulage, especially direct from the forests, is one of the toughest haulage jobs around, taking its toll on man and machine.

We have a mixture of tag-axle 6x2 tractors which are more capable than a centre-lift off-road. They are nearly as good as a 6x4 in some conditions, plus they are far more manoeuvrable in a tight spot. They work with both flat trailers and crane-equipped trailers and as a result, they are very versatile and the best compromise for timber haulage.

During Wintertime, 6x4's come into their own. We have both tractors and drawbar outfits - the extra traction ensuring that they can keep working all year round.


The Arocs 8 wheel drive timber loader

Working off-road on forest tracks and other unmade areas means traction is at a premium, while dragging 44 tonnes up steep hills and around sharp bends makes getting stuck an occupational hazard, no matter how good the truck or experienced the driver. Common sense dictates that it is wise to have a back-up plan, which is where our two 6x6 MAN TGA rigids came into play for many years. However, in 2014 we were looking to replace one of these with something more capable.

We had some very specific requirements when looking for a timber loader. It had to be self-propelled – able to cover an extensive area around Argyll, and offer superb off-road capability. It also needed to load a steady stream of 44 tonne vehicles as quickly and as safely as possible, as the timber is often being loaded straight from the trucks into waiting boats heading for both domestic and international markets.

With nothing available from any original equipment manufacturer, we decided to build our own machine. The search started for a high performance – off-road - vehicle / cab-chassis, and after many meetings and about 6 months of discussions with our usual trucks suppliers – we finally chose a military grade Arocs 8 wheel drive vehicle, the first Mercedes Benz truck to enter our fleet.

This has been specially outfitted with a static-mounted 22 tonne class JS220 excavator from JCB - providing rapid, stable and accurate loading.


Environmentally aware

Our entire fleet adheres to a minimum Euro-V standard for diesel vehicle emissions, using either AdBlue® or Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) to reduce harmful NOx emissions into the atmosphere. Unlike passenger cars - the design, testing and mandatory maintenance of heavy goods vehicles is significantly stricter, meaning that - mile for mile - heavy goods vehicles are some of the cleanest vehicles on the road today.


Our three maintenance facilities

Our three fully equipped HGV workshops, strategically located around Argyll, include inspection pits along with the tools and equipment needed to service and maintain all of our tractor and trailer units. We maintain a stock of service parts and our trained staff can fabricate everything from common wear and tear items such as hydraulic hoses to trailer metalwork on-site. The latest software allows us to interrogate on-board computers to assist in diagnostics and repairs - to the same standards as the main dealer network.


Support when and where it's needed

Forest roads can take their toll of vehicles, especially in Summer when sharp lints are exposed and can cut right into tyres. We run three fully equipped tyre and support vans of our own, an essential service since the nearest dealer could be a five hour drive away.