Round timber haulage, especially direct from the forests, is one of the toughest haulage jobs around, taking its toll on man and machine.


As members of the Forestry Industry Safety Accord (FISA), we have over 25 years of experience in moving timber safely from forestry sites to port and direct to saw mills and biomass plants.

We use a mixture of 6x2 mid lift and 6x2 tag axle units with the tag axles being more capable than the mid-lifts off-road. They are almost as good as a 6x4 in some conditions, with the added advantage that they are far more manoeuvrable in a tight spot. Working with both flat trailers and crane-equipped trailers and we find that this is the best compromise for timber haulage.


A dependable service, whatever the conditions

During Wintertime, 6x4's come into their own. We have both tractors and drawbar outfits - the extra traction ensuring that they can keep working all year round.

For exceptional conditions, and for particularly difficult terrain, we can depend on the added traction of our military-grade 8 wheel drive Arocs from Mercedes-Benz. This has been specially outfitted with a static-mounted 22 tonne class JS220 excavator from JCB - providing rapid and stable loading.

We regularly load ships in Campbeltown, Ardrishaig and Sandbank ports, for destinations in Ayrshire, Ireland and export markets.